So you have your wedding website, your hashtags, and all your custom emoji’s ready for wedding day,-hopefully all your guests have a fully charged device to plug in to the fun as they celebrate your one special moment in time.

We all have been to “that” wedding reception with the girl in the corner crouching over in an awkward position-glued to the charger in wall, or the cute groomsman running into the elevator on a mission to grab his charger from his room. Social Media plays a major role in our daily activities and is a must have tool for your wedding day moments.

The debate is how to do this tactfully and of course with creative flair. You don’t want this “Power Bar” placed anywhere during the ceremony; guests should be unplugged at this time. This is a project you can ask your planner or event designer for assistance with. Below are a few ideas we think are essential for a beautiful Power Station.

How to Create a Wedding Charging Station?


  • You will need a power strip (or 2)
  • You will need 2-3 cords for each phone type (iPhone, Android, Tablets).


  • A cute box or container which reflects your wedding style; this will be used to place the power strip in and create perfectly align holes for the cords. We love these from Reclaimed Oregon.
  • Work with your florist on special arrangement to place in and around the box; this is great not only as décor but aids in hiding those ugly wires.


  • Enhance your station by placing pretty “call to action” signage for your guests but also include a separate sign for all your hashtags. We love the work from Andez Press!
  • Get creative with your photographer on your engagement photos and take a quirky picture of you and your finance plugged up either on a floor or in public area to poke some fun and bring your personality to this station.
  • A vintage rotary phone is a great enhancement piece and a great conversation starter.


  • Work with your wedding planner on placement of this station within your floorplan guidelines- a 4ft table works very well.
  • You want to make sure it is placed in a low traffic area, avoid placing it by the bar.
  • For our ultra-techy bride and groom, personalized mobile chargers are a great addition to your welcome bags or to be used as favors.
  • For a sleek branded charging station, check these out from Veloxity.

The charging station is becoming the latest “must have” at events, however it’s not for everyone, what is your take on this latest trend, yay or nay?

Steve says…

“For a natural organic look I suggest using green moss or floral hedges. For a tropical look palm leaves or monstera  are stunning as well!”

​ ​ ​

Steve Ornstein is the owner of the premier design firm  EDGE  in Washington D.C. and our “go to” industry expert.  ​