You received your RSVP’s and there it is… your invited “guest” just scribbles another “uninvited” name next to hers…NICE!

Don’t you just love when people invite strangers to your wedding celebration?

You want to scream, you have the nerve to call her right now or better yet send her a very tongue lashing text, how dare she respond with someone not even on your list?

Do they not realize you are paying per person? The NERVE!

Well here are a few tidbits to help you calm the nerves, grab a glass of Prosecco and breathe….

“Seek to Understand”

  • Your “single” guest doesn’t realize it is improper etiquette to respond with a person you don’t know, much less “pencil” them in
  •  Your “single” guest actually is so excited to attend but so scared to come alone
  •  Your “single” guest has no idea she/he is driving you crazy with their inappropriate RSVP
  •  Your “single” guest more than likely has no idea the costs and details of inviting another guest
  • Your “single” guest thinks you really won’t mind, you would be just as excited as she/he is

“Reach Out Personally”

It’s time to pick up the phone and give this guest a piece of your mind….haha no! Try to avoid making this a negative encounter; be direct, firm, empathetic and sensible. Grace and grit!

  • Always start the conversation on a positive note…mention you are very excited to see them
  • Lead in with fun chatter about your place settings and the venue space
  • Let her/him you would love to meet their new “beau”; when/where did they meet

“State the Facts”

Stay positive! Your tone, whether it be stress or worry, can come off negative or aloof so keep smiling, it shows through the phone.

  • Highlight the limited space of the venue
  • Let him/her know candidly you only accounted for those on the guest list
  • Mention you truly wish you could add one more person, but you had to cut the list
  • You feel awful and so uncomfortable having to do this, but had no idea she/he was dating someone/bringing someone

“The Close”

  • EMPATHY please, listen to their response, go back to mentioning one last time how awful you feel, however if anything changes you will let them know
  • You and your new hubby would love to set up a double date for cocktails after the wedding
  • Keep the positivity rolling, mention you want to see a pic of their new “sweetie pie”
  • After you hang up, send a brief text with a happy emoji “can’t wait to see you, thanks for understanding, you are the best!”

See luv you would make an awesome ambassador! Honestly, it’s all about how you handle and respond to each mishap.

Grace and tact are the best way to resolve “sticky” wedding messes.

Be the boss of your wedding day, not the baby!

Steve says…

A professional florist should always have extra flowers and vases on site in case you have a few unexpected guests and need an extra table.

If you are renting tables, chairs, or place settings, try to rent a couple more to account for any day of “guest count” surprises.