The ultimate backdrop for any event. 
So you want a flower wall, you have spent endless hours on Pinterest, now what? Below is a suggested guide of what to expect when you are expecting”…a floral wall.  

We Love this Mirrored Window effect from our friends at EDGE FLOWERS.


Before you get too excited, start thinking about your budget and include how far you are willing to stretch it. Realistically, the budget for this project will be determined by the size of wall, the type of flowers, special effects such as lighting, and the installation. A typical floral wall measures about 8x8; however, most florists will increase this by 4ft increments on average per your request.  If you are looking to DIY this project (in order to save a few bucks), we strongly recommend you work with someone who has professional carpentry skills. We love the inspiration from Karan Tran. 

Flower Type

This is the fun part! The possibilities are endless here, however keep in mind the most durable flowers are carnations. Roses are always stunning and the ever trending boxwood (live or artificial) adds a natural but elegant ambiance to any room; paper flowers add a whimsical twist. Another nice touch is incorporating fabric as borders or rows mixed in with your choice of flowers.  We love this mix of colors and textures from Ceci Style!


Your ideas are great, but it is important your designer/florist can incorporate this into reality. Be open to suggestions if your ideas do not translate into conception. Ask your vendor if they have experience installing your type of backdrop, make sure they are insured! Contact your event venue and brief them your installation details; you want to get the “ok” on  placement and load in requirements. This portion of the project is where working with an experienced carpenter or designer is the key to your dream backdrop.


There are many ways to incorporate this dreamy piece into your event.  We recommend framing a doorway for a stunning entrance treatment; it so looks fabulous behind a sweetheart table, and also makes for a great photo booth backdrop. Hey, if flowers are not your thing, boxwood walls look great behind a specialty bar, or as a backdrop for your live entertainment. Check out this lounge by Distinctive Events. 

Steve says…

When selecting a color for your flower wall, white or cream is a timeless, classic look. Colors are wonderful, but can look dated when looking at pictures in the years to follow. 

Steve Ornstein is the owner of the premier design firm  EDGE  in Washington D.C. and our “go to” industry expert.  ​