Share your blessings with someone!

There are many ways to give back or be charitable on your wedding day; our favorite is simply donating your centerpieces locally. Hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities come to mind immediately, however, take it a bit further and look at your local women’s shelter, orphanages, mental crisis centers, foodbank, or community library.

Donation Idea:

Dig a little deeper and think outside the box; donate to your local fire or police station; they would be thrilled take those beauties home to their loved ones. Couldn’t you just imagine the look on the wife of a fireman as her hubby walked through the door with those beautiful flowers!

Delivery Arrangements:

Contact your florist or wedding planner to make arrangements on your behalf (additional delivery fees may apply). There are organizations with volunteers whom are more than happy to pick up your donation. Make sure to inform your wedding venue if the pick-up is the next day, they may have to store your centerpieces until pick up, communication is key for all parties involved. Notify whomever is picking up the flowers the amount of centerpieces you are donating and the size of each one.

Inform Your Guests

Incorporate the message about the donation into your wedding design with simple signage at your favor table, bars, guest book table or a near the centerpiece on the reception table. Work with your wedding planner on ideas to fit your wedding esthetic.

Steve says…

“Contact your local accountant to discuss your tax write off benefits for the value of the donation.