Water centerpieces are a simple and gorgeous way to add some zen and romance to your Wedding  Day Décor! 

Here are few details to keep in mind when selecting this option:


  • It is best to use graduated cylinders, or a grouping of different sizes of glass vases
  • Select a flower that is narrow in appearance, like orchids, cala lilies or gerbera daisies
  • You may also use submerge palm leaves for a little for a bit more greenery and zen
  •  Make sure you purchase a floral frog to weigh the florals down

Candles & Fillers

  • Keep your floating candles simple and elegant with ivory or white candles
  • It’s a great idea to add votive candles around the cylinders- mercury glass votives are our favorite!
  • We love the idea of less is more, however based on the size of the cylinder, you may want to add stones, gems, mosaic or gravel

Basic Supplies:

  • Large Watering Can(s)
  • Floating Candles
  • Extra Cylinders- in case one gets damaged
  • Scissors & Floral Cutters
  • Paper Towels
  • Patience & Creativity 

Water décor may also be used for your ceremony aisle, escort card table, cocktail tables, or around an unused fireplace at your venue. We also recommend using your water centerpieces on every other table at your reception -in lieu of full floral centerpieces at every table.

Seems easy right, well hold the brakes DIY queen, this is not a time saving project. Inquire with your Wedding Concierge about the additional costs to handle your DIY Project.

Steve says…

“If your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, it’s a great idea to repurpose the décor, provided you have a professional service assisting you like a florist or event planner to make sure the transition goes smoothly.  Make sure to have extra candles and lighters around for any emergencies!”