Hello Greenery!

Hello Greenery!


We are super excited abuut 2017’s pantone color and want to share our favorite design ideas with you. This color allows for a ton of creativity for every type of wedding aesthetic. Go ahead, style it your way for the big day!

His & Hers Chairs


The Reception Tablescape


The Getaway Car


The Ceremony


The Boutonnoniere


The Cake


Steve says…


“Whether you are going for a rustic look or country chic, greenery looks best when combined with a variety of textures, shades, and a pop of bloom.

Married Away!

Married Away!

We absolutely love traveling, weddings, and intimate celebrations; destination weddings are our favorite way to tie the knot! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when considering this option.

Are we there yet?

Consider the length of travel for most of your guests. Will your family need to take multiple connecting flights? Is the airport more than an hour from the hotel you are considering? Think wisely when considering these options to avoid potential guest conflicts and unnecessary family “drama”.

Save the Date!

We love intricate designs within a destination wedding invitation suite. It’s a great idea to incorporate the aesthetic of your destination city while keeping your personal style in mind; try to avoid being too literal or “kitschy”. Whether it’s a destination wedding in Amarillo, Texas or Tulum, Mexico, it’s important to set the mood for your guest experience at first glance.

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Your destination venue more than likely will have a coordinator on-site to assist with organizing their standard wedding package, however, there are additional projects to consider at home organize your dream wedding. You will need to schedule weekly phone/conference calls with various vendors to communicate your needs, if you are in a different time zone or if you can only make them after work, you will need a wedding planner. Your local wedding planner will coordinate with the vendors at your destination venue, and organize all of your details including managing the RSVP list, shipping welcome baskets, arranging off-site excursions for your guests, scheduling hair and make- up, and assisting at the rehearsal. With a wedding planner by your side, you can relax and enjoy!

Should I pay for my guests to come?

This is the big debate. If you have the ability to pay for your guest’s accommodations, they will love you forever! Destination weddings are very special, your family and friends are happy to pay for their own stay and come celebrate with you. We do recommend planning a group excursion or a pre-wedding activity everyone can enjoy (we love local tours…with booze). Delight their senses with a fabulous welcome basket to include cultural treats from your destination city or country.

Whatever you decide to do, remember this is a celebration of love, commitment, and unity. Speaking from personal experience, there a nothing more special than planning your nuptials at a dreamy location with your closest loved ones. Cheers!

Steve says…

” When shopping for vendors for your destination event, it’s important to ask your venue if you have to use their vendors or if you can source your own. There may be additional fees if you use your own vendors, make sure you read the fine print on your contract. Look up reviews from every vendor the hotel provides before signing off! “

Plus One…Really?

Plus One…Really?

You received your RSVP’s and there it is… your invited “guest” just scribbles another “uninvited” name next to hers…NICE!

Don’t you just love when people invite strangers to your wedding celebration?

You want to scream, you have the nerve to call her right now or better yet send her a very tongue lashing text, how dare she respond with someone not even on your list?

Do they not realize you are paying per person? The NERVE!

Well here are a few tidbits to help you calm the nerves, grab a glass of Prosecco and breathe….

“Seek to Understand”

  • Your “single” guest doesn’t realize it is improper etiquette to respond with a person you don’t know, much less “pencil” them in
  •  Your “single” guest actually is so excited to attend but so scared to come alone
  •  Your “single” guest has no idea she/he is driving you crazy with their inappropriate RSVP
  •  Your “single” guest more than likely has no idea the costs and details of inviting another guest
  • Your “single” guest thinks you really won’t mind, you would be just as excited as she/he is

“Reach Out Personally”

It’s time to pick up the phone and give this guest a piece of your mind….haha no! Try to avoid making this a negative encounter; be direct, firm, empathetic and sensible. Grace and grit!

  • Always start the conversation on a positive note…mention you are very excited to see them
  • Lead in with fun chatter about your place settings and the venue space
  • Let her/him you would love to meet their new “beau”; when/where did they meet

“State the Facts”

Stay positive! Your tone, whether it be stress or worry, can come off negative or aloof so keep smiling, it shows through the phone.

  • Highlight the limited space of the venue
  • Let him/her know candidly you only accounted for those on the guest list
  • Mention you truly wish you could add one more person, but you had to cut the list
  • You feel awful and so uncomfortable having to do this, but had no idea she/he was dating someone/bringing someone

“The Close”

  • EMPATHY please, listen to their response, go back to mentioning one last time how awful you feel, however if anything changes you will let them know
  • You and your new hubby would love to set up a double date for cocktails after the wedding
  • Keep the positivity rolling, mention you want to see a pic of their new “sweetie pie”
  • After you hang up, send a brief text with a happy emoji “can’t wait to see you, thanks for understanding, you are the best!”

See luv you would make an awesome ambassador! Honestly, it’s all about how you handle and respond to each mishap.

Grace and tact are the best way to resolve “sticky” wedding messes.

Be the boss of your wedding day, not the baby!

Steve says…

A professional florist should always have extra flowers and vases on site in case you have a few unexpected guests and need an extra table.

If you are renting tables, chairs, or place settings, try to rent a couple more to account for any day of “guest count” surprises. 

Donate Your Wedding Flowers

Donate Your Wedding Flowers

Share your blessings with someone!

There are many ways to give back or be charitable on your wedding day; our favorite is simply donating your centerpieces locally. Hospitals, nursing homes, and hospice facilities come to mind immediately, however, take it a bit further and look at your local women’s shelter, orphanages, mental crisis centers, foodbank, or community library.

Donation Idea:

Dig a little deeper and think outside the box; donate to your local fire or police station; they would be thrilled take those beauties home to their loved ones. Couldn’t you just imagine the look on the wife of a fireman as her hubby walked through the door with those beautiful flowers!

Delivery Arrangements:

Contact your florist or wedding planner to make arrangements on your behalf (additional delivery fees may apply). There are organizations with volunteers whom are more than happy to pick up your donation. Make sure to inform your wedding venue if the pick-up is the next day, they may have to store your centerpieces until pick up, communication is key for all parties involved. Notify whomever is picking up the flowers the amount of centerpieces you are donating and the size of each one.

Inform Your Guests

Incorporate the message about the donation into your wedding design with simple signage at your favor table, bars, guest book table or a near the centerpiece on the reception table. Work with your wedding planner on ideas to fit your wedding esthetic.

Steve says…

“Contact your local accountant to discuss your tax write off benefits for the value of the donation.



We are just obsessed lately with ceremony décor, and had a blast styling this aisle at the W Hotel DC  with the Team at  Edge Florals.

While we love unique ideas and a bit of whimsy, it is very important the style you desire incorporates the esthetics of the venue. Don’t go crazy placing tons of organic greenery indoors or get crystal candelabra crazy outdoors at your beach ceremony. We love this look from Elizabeth Anne Designs. 

We suggest about 8ft  across of aisle space to set décor and runner.
Aisle markers are a great way to add a bit more of your personal touch to the ceremony design.

Custom runners add a very special touch, however, make sure you rope off the area and have your guests grab their seats from the exterior area of the space to avoid trampling on your aisle décor. Your wedding coordinator will assist in directing the guests to the proper seating entrances.

Speaking of runners, don’t run away with the runner, make sure the runner you pick works well with your space– avoid disposable runners! They tend to blow in the wind, stick to the ground, get caught in your shoes, wrinkle, difficult to roll out, and let’s face it….they don’t have the best esthetic in any space. If you must have a runner, work with your florist or event designer on a runner that fits your style but is also is of good quality. We love these from Etsy. 

Steve says…

Remember the ceremony is a short period of time, repurposing your ceremony décor to the escort card table or reception entrance area is a great way to extend the value of your selections.

DIY Water Centerpices

DIY Water Centerpices

Water centerpieces are a simple and gorgeous way to add some zen and romance to your Wedding  Day Décor! 

Here are few details to keep in mind when selecting this option:


  • It is best to use graduated cylinders, or a grouping of different sizes of glass vases
  • Select a flower that is narrow in appearance, like orchids, cala lilies or gerbera daisies
  • You may also use submerge palm leaves for a little for a bit more greenery and zen
  •  Make sure you purchase a floral frog to weigh the florals down

Candles & Fillers

  • Keep your floating candles simple and elegant with ivory or white candles
  • It’s a great idea to add votive candles around the cylinders- mercury glass votives are our favorite!
  • We love the idea of less is more, however based on the size of the cylinder, you may want to add stones, gems, mosaic or gravel

Basic Supplies:

  • Large Watering Can(s)
  • Floating Candles
  • Extra Cylinders- in case one gets damaged
  • Scissors & Floral Cutters
  • Paper Towels
  • Patience & Creativity 

Water décor may also be used for your ceremony aisle, escort card table, cocktail tables, or around an unused fireplace at your venue. We also recommend using your water centerpieces on every other table at your reception -in lieu of full floral centerpieces at every table.

Seems easy right, well hold the brakes DIY queen, this is not a time saving project. Inquire with your Wedding Concierge about the additional costs to handle your DIY Project.

Steve says…

“If your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, it’s a great idea to repurpose the décor, provided you have a professional service assisting you like a florist or event planner to make sure the transition goes smoothly.  Make sure to have extra candles and lighters around for any emergencies!”